Dancing Elotes / Elotes Bailarines

Dancing Elotes is a tribute to life and joyful youthful spirits. This project includes a bike-cart selling elotes, traditionally prepared corn served on the street in Mexico, as a literal and conceptual vehicle for cross- cultural culinary, dance and sculptural experiences at the East Boston Farmers Market.

Monthly Events / Eventos Mensuales

Every month we host events to celebrate different cultures/ Cada mes ofrecemos un evento para aprender de varias culturas.

Live ethnic Music!! / ¡Musica etnica en vivo!

During VROCC events you can enjoy of traditional world's music of various countries / En los events de VROCC disfrute de musica en vivo de varios paises de Latio America y mundo.

Art, Culture, Traditions! / Arte, Cultura y Tradicion

VROCC is open to all families and individuals interested on learning, fostering and sharing the culture and values of the Latin American Countries and Spanish Speaking World.

Join the family!! ? ¡Unete a la Familia!

Values, Roots, Optimism, Cultures, Community. / Valores, Riaces, Optimismo, Culturas, Comunidad.

Stay fit with AeroRumba / En forma con AeroRumba

AeroRumba is a dance class that helps you to stay fit with salsa, bachata, merengue and other latin rhythms. / AeroRumba es una clases de baile que te ayuda a mantenerte en forma con ritmos latinos como salsa, bachata y merengue.

Publicaciones destacadas

outstanding publications

Acerca del centro cultural

About the cultural center

Welcome to Verónica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC)

VROCC is open to all families and individuals interested on learning, fostering and sharing culture, traditions and family values.

Our programs include folkloric dance, music, theater and Spanish classes and networking opportunities for members to encourage family and community unity around collective learning experiences and celebrations.

VROCC hosts monthly networking events to promote and learn about world cultures and traditions. VROCC provides its member the opportunity to practice and learn the Spanish Language but we also speak English.

Facilities are also available for rent for rehearsals, events and conferences.

Mission: Promote Latin American art and culture as an engine for stronger communities and economic growth.

Core Vision:  Teach, inspire, and perpetuate.


  1. Provide a space where culltural traditions are promoted, and respected though dance and music to facilitate cross-generational relationships and learning opportunities to create new millennial leaders.
  2. Create job opportunities for youth in the traditional arts and culture fields.
  3. Support aspiring and professional artists and arts entrepenours in the city.
  4. Offer networking opportunities for Latino young professionals and Latino culture lovers around arts and culture.
  5. Use the power or arts, techology and multimedia to tell the stories of latin America and Latinos living in the United States. 


  1. Create a curriculum to teach dance, and music to learn and celebrate the cultures of all countries of Latin America and that include theater, sewing, arts and crafts and multimedia workshops open to all.
  2. Offer professional folkloric dance and music productions to all audiences.
  3. Create and foster a substainable traditional arts and culture ecosystem to keep and support local artists in the city and atract new ones. 
  4. Partner and work in colaboration with current institutions to expand oportunities for our members.

VROCC Acrostic:

  • Values
  • Roots
  • Optimism
  • Cultures
  • Community​


Bienvenidos al Centro Cultural Verónica Robles (VROCC) por sus siglas en ingles.


Mission: Promover el arte y cultura Latino Americanos como herramienta para fortalecer comunidades y crecimiento económico.

Vision: Enseñar, inspirar y perpetuar.







Objetivos: Nuestro objetivo es crear un plan de estudios daza, musica y teatro para representar los paises ubicados en Latinoamérica.

VROCC esta abierto para familias e individuos interesados en aprender, fomentar y compartir cultura, tradiciones y valores familiares.

Nuestros programa incluyen dazas folcloricas, lecciones de musica, teatro y español.

VROCC organiza un evento mensual para promover y aprender de las culturas y tradiciones del mundo y sirve como una oportunidad para socializar en un ambiente cultural. VROCC provee a sus miembros la oportunidad de practicar y aprender español pero también hablamos Ingles.

VROCC esta disponible para evento, ensayos y conferencia.

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