#DancingElotes - Blog 3

Lunes (Monday) 25 de Julio (July) del 2016

Last Wednesday at the East Boston Farmers Market from the four year olds to the forty-five year olds, everyone was getting to eat a delicious elote, and to weave colored corn husks into the fabric of the dancers sculpture. It feels as though we are finally beginning to work out all the kinks in the logistics of the Dancing Elotes Project, and the weekly process is slowly becoming second nature to us!


The week began with an adventure to the supermarket to buy it out of corn, and straight to Maverick Landing to start the corn preparation process: husk, examine, drill. While we were all huddled around the table doing our meditative repetitions, we talked about the schedule for Wednesday in detail and worked on writing our bios (coming soon). And we were off, prepped for Wednesday's festivities. This week the youth team really reached a new level. Together, under leadership with youth Rosa, Laidy, and Alexandra, who have been with us since the beginning, they’ve been preparing and  running the Dancing Elotes stand with little help from the adult staff.


On Wednesday as youth staff member Tysun began announcing about our $2 “elotes locos” the crowd around the carrito began to form - I guess when you're hungry there's no need for lines. This week people seemed to gravitate to the art table, and we  encouraged them to weave an intention of “how do we cultivate peace in our community.”  Ecuadorian-American and graduate student Ariana Mora saw our signs with the intention on them and said," the question itself caught my eye. I liked that you had it both in Spanish and English. There's diversity in it. I wanted to define my home country, so I used the colors yellow red and blue”.  Nine-year-old Liliana participated by making numerous art pieces and saying that her intention is “to be together and share”. The sculpture, made by our lovely visiting artist Carolyn Lewenberg, is beginning to look dressed to impress!!

The youth staff had the pleasure of learning some tips & tricks from Salvadoran community member, Ada, on the corn-dressing process. She demonstrated how to "draw" on the corn with the various condiments. You can make art, and you can eat art with Dancing Elotes!


We’re so happy to report that Veronica Robles is back on the scene, arm in a sling but nevertheless with her usual smile and now a one-armed hug!, In other news, we have some new rockstar team members this week: Gia, Tysun, and Elizabeth. They’ve been flowing seamlessly with everything Dancing Elotes throws at them -  which is corn, corn, and more corn.


We are so happy to report that Jamie Cholette from Boston Harbor Real Estate has adopted the sculpture to be displayed in her office when it is not being worked on at the Farmers Market. Her office is right across the street from the Farmer’s Market, which makes our lives  much easier since it’s a big sculpture and not the easiest to transport. It looks great in the window, and especially comes to life at night when it is all lit up! Thank you Jamie! Please stop by to check out the sculpture progress as you anticipate another Wednesday at the East Boston Farmers Market with the Dancing Elotes crew.

This project was made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts' Creative City Grant, with funding from The Barr Foundation.

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