#DancingElotes Blog 4

Domingo (Sunday) 31 de Julio (July) del 2016


It seems that the demand for “Dancing Elotes” is growing exponentially for us at the East Boston Farmers Market. “I love how this project brings people together, and elotes are  delicious”, said JP resident Scott Mizrachi.

Our Wednesday morning-prep workflow was a little different this week due to a location shift. Pastor Don Nanstad from Our Saviour's Lutheran Church on Paris street generously let us use his kitchen for the cooking and preparation of the corn.  Unfortunately, we ran into some complications with the stove that set us back in terms of time. However, it was amazing to see how the youth and adult staff worked together to find solutions. It wasn’t easy, but teamwork saved the day!

Elotes sold out FAST! Although we thought we prepared accordingly, this week called for a spontaneous mission to the supermarket to buy and prepare more corn. And it happened only  halfway through the farmer’s market hours - an issue that we are happy to deal with. We managed to actually get a line forming instead of just a crowd gathered around the cart this week. The line went quite a ways. In fact, community member Steve Snider said, “My brother said we should open a corn with cheese business once. I thought he was crazy. Now I sent him a photo of the line”. And not only is it a business, but one that pays the youth!

People from past weeks have consistently returned to contribute a new intention and artistic flair for the sculpture that looks more and more colorful each week. A youth group from Cambridge gathered around the art table to learn about the project and contribute as well. “I’ve never seen anything like it. My intention is unity”. Said a youth member from Zumix who dropped by for the first time. If you were unable to enjoy a piece of corn last week, make sure you come visit us again on Wednesday because we’ll be preparing much more.


On a special note we are thrilled to announce that Jose and Irene Torres proprietors of Taqueria Cancun located on 192 Sumner St, East Boston, MA 02128 pledge to provide the corn for the season, yay!!

This week, the youth have begun to work on putting together a magazine for the community.  Some of the topics they decided to include are culture, community and the 2016 election. VROCC dancers participated at  the Peruvian Independence Day celebration at City Hall and the teens took the opportunity to conducted interviews.


We’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress of the magazine. Next week we will be experimenting with photography to create a community photo essay.

This project was made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts' Creative City Grant, with funding from The Barr Foundation.

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